Metal Roofing and Energy Efficiency

 It’s almost summer time, time for rising energy bills. It’s a great time to consider a metal roof. Homeowners, energy companies and the government all benefit from energy efficient metal roofing. The homeowner saves money on their monthly fuel bills, utility companies have an easier time building their infrastructure for energy output to be able… ( read more )

Fire Safety and Metal Roofing

Many roofing materials lose their fire resistance as they age. Asphalt lose their protective granules and wood shingles dry out. As they age, metal roofs do not lose their fire resistance. Even after metal roofing has been installed for 40 years, they will still be fire resistant. Give Cajun Home Improvements a call (800-406-1703) to get a free estimate on… ( read more )

7 Things You Need To Ask Your Metal Roofing Contractor

Choosing a metal roofing contractor is important, and you need the most qualified, highly skilled and experienced contractor you can find. To be sure you’re choosing the best, allow yourself time to interview each contractor you’re considering and ask the following seven questions: 1. Do you have a permanent place of business? Go by and… ( read more )

Copper Penny Centura Steel Shingle, New Orleans, LA

Here’s another recent roofing project…It’s a Centura Steel Shingle, in Copper Penny. It really adds a touch of class to this building in New Orleans.

Kassel Shake Steel Roofing New Orleans, LA

Here’s an “in-progress” shot of a roofing project in New Orleans. Here we are using a Kassel & Irons KasselShake Steel Shingle in Mission Red. We have a color and style for every home!

Customer satisfaction New Orleans, Louisiana

People are talking about Cajon Home Improvements! Read what a recent New Orleans client had to say about their experience working with us…

Shake Style Roof added to New Orleans home

Shake style roofs have a certain charm, but they are not maintenance free. Our Country Manor Shake Aluminum roof is, and it’s beautiful too! Here’s a photos of a recent new Orleans project using Country Manor Shake, and the results are striking!

Aluminum Shingles increase the value of your home

Adding Aluminum Shingles to your home will raise its value and increase the curb appeal dramatically. take a look at a recently completed project using our Country Manor Shake Aluminum shingle. It’s really makes this home standout!

Truly satisfied customers!

We love to hear from our customers after we’ve completed their project, so we can learn more about their experience with us. Every once in a while we like to share our customers stories. This is one of those stories…

Standing Seam Roof in Thibodaux, Louisiana

When most homeowners begin thinking about a metal roof, all they can envision are the roofs they have seen on barns and commercial buildings. Those types of metal roofs typically have panels that run vertically up the roof. These types of metal panel roofs are called “Standing Seam.”

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The installers that installed our roof are a rare breed; these men have a work ethic that we thought was extinct in our society today. Their work is unsurpassed in quality and workmanship. James and Sherry

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